International TÜnel Art Festival 3

  Intenational Tünel Art Festival 3 will take place in Istanbul in June 2004. As its new media sponsor, imago prepared posters, flags, brochure, website, as well as TV, radio and net advertisements promoting the event.

We based the identity design on the "tree of three threes" symbol, and incorporated a lot of triple repetitions throughout the project.

TÜnel 3 TV ad

AfterEffects, Photoshop, Cubase The 30 sec. TV ad for the festival was based on the photographs of Tünel area, taken during the initial project's planning phase. They were manipulated and simplified in Photoshop and then animated in AfterEffects.

Original music and voiceover was recorded at the Shortcut Studio and then mastered for TV and Radio broadcast.

Visuals and compositing by Quba Michalski, art direction: Çiğdem Keresteci, audio: Ferit Özgüner.

TŁnel 3 TV Ad

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TÜnel 3 posters

Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw! Tünel Posters were printed in 50x70cm format using 4+1 color process. The color gradient and sponsor logos were printed in standard CMYK, while the main illustration was rendered with five different PANTONE® colors.

Venues where posters were placed were given the choice of colors for the posters they would hang. Pretty much everyone asked for the full set.

TŁnel 3 PosterTŁnel 3 PosterTŁnel 3 PosterTŁnel 3 Poster
TŁnel 3 Poster

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TÜnel 3 brochure

Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw! Brochure for the festival was printed in 117x29.7cm size. When unfolded, front side acts as a long, horizontal poster, while the back side contains the program, map and other information about the event.

Below, we present you 3D pre-visualization of the brochure. It does not contain sponsor logos - they were later placed where at the moment you can see light gray rectangles.

TŁnel 3 BrochureTŁnel 3 Brochure

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TÜnel 3 website & banners

Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Access Bi-lingual (Turkish and English) website of the festival runs on top of ASP engine. The program of the festival is fed from the Access database for easy adjustments and updates.

Without abandoning visual style of Tünel Festival, we simplified the site visually for greater readability and ease of navigation.

The website has been promoted over the Internet using the banners designed by imago as well. You may view them below:

Standard Banner (468x60px)
Scyscraper (120x600)
Short Skyscraper (120x400)

As of 29th September 2004, the Tünel 3 website has been taken offline. You can view the gallery of screen captures from the website following the thumbnails below.

TŁnel 3 WebsiteTünel 3 WebsiteTünel 3 WebsiteTünel 3 Website
TŁnel 3 WebsiteTünel 3 Website

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TÜnel 3 flags and other promotional materials

Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw! The flags for Tünel Festival, were printed on 150x70cm canvas and hung around the festival areas. Since their design is based on the poster of the festival, we would like to just show you a pre-visualization of one of the main streets of Istanbul decorated for the festival.

Flags, as the posters, were printed in five different colors.

During the promotion period for the festival, imago was also in charge of media planning and coordinating the campaign. We produced countless volumes of CDs, DVDs, online and personal presentations etc.

Below, you may see a photo of the CD/DVD set we prepared for festival's media sponsors.

TŁnel 3 FlagsTŁnel 3 Promo CD/DVD

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