While being capable of handling the workload of a large team, imago is just the two of us. Çiğdem mostly designs things, and Quba moves these things around the screen in animations. Sometimes the roles reverse, and sometimes we both work on conceptual level of the project, leaving the execution to the client's resources.

ÇİĞdem kerestecİ

Çigdem Keresteci

Çigdem graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, USA in 1997. She had worked in Atlanta, designing software interfaces and continuing her studies in the area of interactive design.


Two years later, she relocated to Istanbul, where she continued her career in new media design. In the past years she has worked as lead designer for various clients and studios.


In 2004, she co-founded imago studios, where she worked happily ever after.

Quba michalski

Quba Michalski

Quba graduated from the Graphic Design Department of Bilkent University, Ankara in 1999 as the best student in both the department and the faculty. Two years later he earned an MFA degree from the same institution.


For four years, he was is an instructor of Video and Web Design courses at VCD and POV departments of Bilgi University, Istanbul.


Having worked in the area of interactive and broadcast design for over a decade now, he earned a number of awards for works in various media and had his films included in international film festivals around the world.