AfterEffects, XaoS "DemoGraphix" is imago's tribute to the demo scene - a community of artists, coders and musicians creating amazing real time audiovisual art pieces directly through programming. Demo scene influenced the motion graphics style for years and it is about time we paid back :)

Unlike traditional computer animation, using keyframes and tweening, "DemoGraphix" was created from grounds up using entirely coding and mathematical formulas. We used AfterEffects expressions and scripting to create assets for the animation and to put them in motion.

The only element not created directly in AfterEffects is the fractal zoomer, rendered in XaoS - a great freeware fractal generator and animator. The music was composed by one of the leading demo scene musicians, Little Bitchard (feat. Roope-Setä) and appears originally in Fairlight's "Come Clean" demo.

At just under 3 minutes in length, "DemoGraphix" is an abstract visual loop, pushing the limits of scripted AfterEffects animation and exploring new ways of directing motion graphics.

Design, scripting, coding and animation by Quba Michalski. Music by Little Bitchard featuring Roope-Setä.


Click on the thumbnail to view the film (QuickTime 7 required) or to browse the gallery of screenshots.