koleston: "flash" (director's cut)

AfterEffects, Photoshop We have been contacted by Imaj with the project for a series of 16-second spots advertising Wella's "Koleston" hair dye products. In co-operation with Markom / Leo Burnett Istanbul, we created three ads for the different color ranges of Koleston.

One of the most challenging tasks in this project was to convert the photographs provided by the client into a dynamic and fresh animation. Originally models were photographed in a studio setup resembling a house, with furniture, carpets, curtains etc.

We masked the models from the photographs (lots and lots of Wacom hair painting) and then placed them within geometric environments. To emphasize the Spring feeling of the ad, we produced some particle systems with flowers flying across the screen and around the models.

We were quite limited with the virtual camera movement due to the original cropping of the photos, so we decided to go with very smooth, wavy motions and calm tempo.

The ads presented here are slightly different from the final broadcast versions - we used the music track without voiceover featured in TV versions. Also some of the graphic elements were reverted back into our originally planned format.

Designed, composited and art directed by Quba Michalski and Çiğdem Keresteci. Music and photos provided by the client.

Koleston01 Director's CutKoleston02 Director's CutKoleston03 Director's Cut

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