little lake

AfterEffects, Premiere, Maya, Photoshop Ethem Özgüven's Little Lake (Küçük Göl) is a short video art project aimed against the ever-expanding tourism, consuming resources, stripping land after land off the culture, uniqueness and beauty of Turkish Mediterranean coast.

The original footage consisted of various shots of a little tourist boat sailing in the sea, shot with Hi8 camera. It was imago's task to add layers of motion graphics, rebuilding the film into entirely new experience.

The film's main goal is to confuse - to build layers of visual noise and almost counter-communicate the message. Chaotic narration in Turkish language follows the rapidly changing text and images on the screen.

Little Lake was presented on many international film festivals worldwide, winning several awards. Directed by Ethem Özgüven, with music by Alper Maral and sound by Bülent Özcan. Edited, composited and art directed by Quba Michalski.

Little Lake

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