cola turka: slim can

Maya, AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator Popular local drink, Ülker's Cola Turka is releasing new variant - a slim can version. Grey Worldwide contacted us to prepare the introductory advertisement for the new product.

We wanted to break with the style used in older Cola Turka ads and introduce new look and feel to the designs. Using ever-popular symmetric designs, we combined various photographic elements bound by the themes of joy, entertainment and holiday.

Watercolor backgrounds, vector motives and overall pastel coloring scheme allowed us to create light and calm atmosphere in otherwise busy design.

The video presented on our website is the original cut of the advertisement, significantly different from the final broadcast version modified according to client's and agency's requests. We like it better this way.

Art directed by Çiğdem and Quba, animation, compositing and 3D by Quba. Music by Dağhan Kök.

Cola Turka: Slim Can

Click on the thumbnail to view the film (QuickTime7 or higher required) or to browse the gallery of screenshots.