desa (director's cut)

AfterEffects, Photoshop Markom / Leo Burnett agency approached us with the project for DESA - Turkish leather company. We were to prepare a series of three 15-seconds TV ads, based on the photographs shot for client's printed advertisements and provided to us by the agency.

We masked the models on the photos (take note of the hair!), and then placed them within simple 3D environments. Not to distract the viewers from the product, we kept the surroundings very simple - just a couple of spotlights, identical to the ones used in the original photographs.

To give a better feeling of space, we constructed a particle system with tiny glowing lights (approximately 50,000 per ad) floating in the air. Secondary particles and strokes were used to help the camera navigate between the photographs.

The voiceovers and music were recorded and mastered by our audio designer in Shortcut Studio.

Designed, composited and art directed by Quba Michalski and Çiğdem Keresteci with music by Ferit Özgüner.

DESA01 Director's CutDESA02 Director's CutDESA03 Director's Cut

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