Snickers: Cross Turkiye (part 1)

AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator Cross Turkiye is an event sponsored by Snickers. Three of the nation's best in-line skaters will travel a distance of 1600km, from Istanbul to Urfa over a period of 58 days.

Part one of the advertisement introduces the characters and the event concept. Part two (to be completed once the skaters reach their destination) will document the route.

For this ad, we decided to go with an old-school grunge design: Lots of dirt, scratches, graffiti tags and tribal vector designs. There was a lot to show during the relatively short, 20 second period, so the tempo of the ad is quite fast... without going overboard, however.

Skaters were shot by Depo Film, using Hi-Def cameras, and the entire project was commissioned by BBDO Istanbul.

Please note that the version presented here has the Turkish voice over removed.

Art directed by Çiğdem and Quba, animation and compositing by Quba. Music by Dağhan Kök.

Snickers: Cross Turkiye (part 1)

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