inside the imago experience

AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Maya, Reason Inside the imago experience is our promotional demo reel for February 2004. Just over two minutes in length, this short motion graphics project showcases some of our previous works in the area of video and 3D graphics.

The main inspiration for this video comes from the two elements: air and water. We wanted to convey the idea of lightness and relaxation, making the reel enjoyable to watch without the visual overload on the effects.

This does not mean we did not throw couple of beautiful visuals in the reel - you will find plenty of those.

Art directed by Çiğdem Keresteci, visuals and compositing by Quba Michalski, with brand new music and sound by Ferit Özgüner.

inside the imago experience

Click on the thumbnail to view the film (QuickTime required) or to browse the gallery of screenshots.