turkcell: baskonuŞ

AfterEffects, Photoshop Turkish cellular service provider, Turkcell, commisioned us with creating a one-minute promotional video for their BasKonuş (Push2Talk) service. The video was used in 2004 edition of CeBit Istanbul communication technology expo.

The video had to showcase the features of BasKonuş service - ease of use, voice messaging, single or multiple receipients, while maintaining dynamic look that will captivate the attention of the viewers. Due to the loud environment of the expo, the video had to communicate the message mostly through visual means, and be able to deliver the information without the aid of music or voiceover.

In creation of this project, we worked closely with Turkcell's corporate guidelines (typefaces, colors), combining them with stock photography and graphic elements (swirls, interface). The video unfolds the range of BasKonuş service, starting with a simple person-to-person messaging, and then expanding it to multi-recepient communication.

Art directed by Çiğdem Keresteci, animation and compositing by Quba Michalski. Music provided by the client.

Turkcell BasKonuş

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