garanti: flexi card

AfterEffects, Photoshop, IllustratorOur first project with Alametifarika. Garanti's Flexi Card introduced new system, through which you could quickly modify the preset benefits on your credit card by sending a text message from your mobile phone.

The packages were tailored for: frequent flyers, fashion buyers, drivers and mobile phone users. Four new card designs were introduced to promote the new service.

Since the deadline was pressing, we had no time to work with any sophisticated 3D package on this project. All four videos were constructed using stock photography and enhanced by lots of lighting effects.

Directed and animated by Quba. Sound provided by the client.

Flexi 01: AirplaneFlexi 02: ModelFlexi 03: CarFlexi 04: Phone

Click on the thumbnail to view the film (QuickTime7 or higher required) or to browse the gallery of screenshots.