burger king turkey: website

Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver In partnership with Tradesoft, we have completed the initial development of Burger King Turkey website.

Unfortunately, the updates of the site are being maintained by another company, and our original design guidelines are completely disregarded. We strongly recommend viewing the site through our screenshots in order to capture the original look and feel of this project.

BK site is full of features you will find interesting and entertaining; from the full catalogue of Burger King's products (with recommendations), through downloadable goodies, online game "Dizburger", complete list of all BK restaurants in Turkey, to telephone and online ordering service.

In the course of this project, imago was responsible for the visual design (layouts, animations), coding and game design of the site. Meanwhile, Tradesoft programmed the online ordering service.

UPDATE: As of November 2005, Burger King Turkey has changed the design of their site to match the global look of BK sites - the design we prepared can be only seen through our site.

Burger King Turkey: Website

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