gun.ctrl 01-05

AfterEffects, PremierePro, Photoshop, Reason gun.ctrl are five short animations, each approx. 55 seconds in length. Created against the gun possession, these films focus on the ironic, or perhaps even sarcastic aspect of putting firearms in the wrong hands (which we believe to be any).

gun.ctrl01 ("Kutluyoruz - we're celebrating"), 02 ("•REC") and 03 ("Bir taşla iki kuş - two birds with one stone") are a small trilogy, all focusing on the different outcomes of a similar event - an anonymous celebration involving shooting bullets into the air.

gun.ctrl04 is an allegory of an old Turkish proverb: "At, avrat, silah" meaning the three possessions that define a true man - his horse, his woman and his gun.

The fifth movie ("Her yaşa uygun - suitable for all ages") consists of three short segments, each dealing with either practical or imaginary use of firearms.

All five films build a very thick and dark atmosphere both visually and aurally. It was our intention to make them as depressive as possible - due to the seriousness of the topic. If you are easily affected by dark imagery and sad music, we strongly suggest you to have a couple of minutes of watching the clouds after viewing these five films.

Shot with live actors, composited into virtual environments created from scratch in the computer, this films were produced by Çiçek Kahraman, with camera by Hakan Volkan, music by Ferit Özgüner and sound effects by Dylan Pank. Story, compositing and directed by Quba Michalski.


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gun.ctrl: something.out.of.nothing

AfterEffects, PhotoshopProduced a year after the creation of gun.ctrl series, something.out.of.nothing is a 1 minute and 37 seconds long motion graphics presentation of the techniques used to build the animations.

The name "something.out.of.nothing" comes from the fact, that gun.ctrl was shot with virtually no budget, thanks to the devotion and enthusiasm of the entire team.

Visuals and compositing by Quba Michalski, art direction: Çiğdem Keresteci, music: Mouse on Mars.

gun.ctrl: something.out.of.nothing

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