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Hello! We are imago - a small, two person studio with enough skill, talent and aspirations to fuel a large company. Located in the heart of Istanbul we were the first company in Turkey to work exclusively in motion graphics medium.

Our size is our strength - we cut the middle-men out from the design process. The same people who come up with an idea, will design, animate and bring it to life for you. The creative process at imago does not stop at the briefing table, but continues with the project, until the final master copy is delivered to the client.

In the past years, imago established its position on the Turkish market, working with the biggest and most demanding clients. Our commercial and independent works were featured in film and animation festivals around the world. Our videos open 2005 and 2006 editions of Adobe Customer Reel... and we are just getting started.

Right now we are looking forward to expanding our services worldwide and to work with you - wherever you are. We want to turn and stir the world of motion graphics and do today what others will think of tomorrow.

company news

21 december 2007
Just in time for the holiday season, here is our latest release, entitled 0708.

26 November 2007
With two-week delay we finally premiere new ads for Garanti's Flexi Card on the website.
Check them out, they are pretty :)

02 October 2007
imago reel 2007 is now available for your viewing pleasure!

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